Mejorando la prevención de las #HAI y la #SegPac por medio de la limpieza del ambiente – Becker

Improving HAI prevention and patient safety through effective environmental cleaning

HAIs affect more than 1.7M patients and cost U.S. acute hospitals over $35-$45 billion annually

The High Costs of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
Hospitals should be safe havens for healing. Yet every year, one in 25 patients contracts at least one healthcare-associated infection (HAI) while in the hospital. Of these 1.7 million HAI cases, approximately 99,000 end in death.*

In addition to the threat to public health and safety, HAIs are costing U.S. acute hospitals $35 to $45 billion** annually in denied Medicare and Medicaid payments, penalties, and preventable healthcare expenditures. And in a world of “pay for performance,” where the patient experience is everything, HAIs lower patient satisfaction survey scores.

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