10 Secretos que las enfermeras no les dicen a sus pacientes – Huffpost

10 Secrets That Nurses Keep From Their Patients

I’ve heard it said that nurses are a secretive bunch, that they keep certain things under wraps from their patient and patient’s families. My first thought of a nurse not disclosing information to those he/she cared for seemed ludicrous. But then I thought, Well, perhaps that’s true.

After all, everyone has secrets, and even your nurse might be keeping something from you. The fact is that there are some things you don’t need to know, some truths you can’t handle, or some things that we would just never tell you if given the option.

I guess nurses are a secretive bunch. But if it’s right what they say, that the truth will set you free, then here are 10 secrets your nurse has been keeping from you.

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