6 Maneras de Mejorar la Resiliencia en un ambiente de prácticas demandantes – AMA Wire

6 ways to improve resiliency in a demanding practice environment

It’s no wonder physicians are feeling crushed under stress. The daily demands of practice, from managing regulatory burdens to navigating medical liability issues, are stacked on top of actually caring for patients. And then there are the responsibilities of life outside of the office. Learn strategies for boosting your resiliency in the face of stress and reducing your risk for burnout.

Resiliency for physicians is the ability to adapt and bounce back from the stress of the clinical environment. Physicians who are resilient are better equipped to handle the many challenges presented by patient care and less likely to experience burnout. A free online module in the AMA’s STEPS Forward collection shows you how to increase your resiliency one small step at a time:

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