Affordable Care Act 2017: Desafíos para D. Trump – Commonwealth Fund

The Affordable Care Act in 2017: Challenges for President-Elect Trump and Congress

Affordable health insurance coverage and high-quality health care for everyone are essential components of a high-performing health system. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has moved the nation affirmatively down this path since its passage in 2010, by insuring more than 20 million Americans and facilitating change in how we organize and pay for health care. These gains have reduced out-of-pocket health costs for many people, improved access to care, and led to better health. Commonwealth Fund surveys have consistently found that people who have gained coverage through the law’s insurance expansions are satisfied with their health plans and their doctors.

At the same time, changes in how health care is delivered, brought about by the ACA as well as ongoing private-sector initiatives, have lowered hospital patient readmissions—a good thing. These reforms have also helped reduce the rate of growth in national health care spending and coincided with historic improvements in quality of care.

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