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Patient Falls in Missouri – Addressing Toolkits

Despite a multitude of toolkits and resources, patient falls remain a prevalent safety issue. Over the past three years, falls have consistently been in The Joint Commission’s top ten reported sentinel events. In 2013 falls were the fifth most commonly reported sentinel event, rising to the second most reported event in 2014. Currently falls are the fourth most reported sentinel event through 3rd quarter of 2015.1 This is concerning in two regards: 1. Increased avoidable injury to patients, 2. Financial risk for the facility due to increased length of stay and cost of treating the fall injury.

The Missouri Hospital Association and the Center for Patient Safety (CPS) began a collaborative effort the summer of 2015 to review claims data and patient safety event data to see if Missouri was following the national landscape trend of an increasing number of falls. The time frame reviewed was October 1, 2013 through March 31, 2015. By correlating the data collected by each organization, it was hoped that a trend could be identified; and that by analyzing causal/contributing factors, there could be lessons learned in regards to falls in the state of Missouri and how to prevent them from occurring in a healthcare facility.

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