Cómo la cultura del secreto mantiene a las víctimas del error médico en la ignorancia – Fierce Healthcare

How hospitals’ ‘culture of secrecy’ keeps error victims out of the loop

A “culture of secrecy” within healthcare often prevents the victims of medical malpractice from getting the full picture, according to a report from Cleveland-based ABC affiliate WEWS-TV.

While hospitals closely monitor medical errors, the nation’s third-leading cause of death, they seldom give patients and the public access to detailed information about them. For example, when Donald Adanich, a dental implant surgery patient, had medical gauze he swallowed during the procedure left in his stomach for three weeks last year, Adanich’s wife, Lyn, told ABC neither of them were informed. She found out independently when it was mentioned in her husband’s VA medical records, which were reviewed when they sought a second opinion. Immediately after the surgery, Adanich became sick, eventually dying last August, six months after the procedure.

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