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Empowering hospital staff to speak up about safety: 4 tips

Jennifer Lenoci-Edwards, RN, director of patient safety at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement outlined four ways to encourage healthcare workers and hospital staff to speak up about patient safety in a recent IHI Improvement Blog post.

Ms. Lenoci-Edwards authored the blog post in response to a question submitted as part of a Dear Abby-like advice column for healthcare experts and quality improvers. It is the first post in the IHI’s new series.

The question submitted reads, “I’m a charge nurse on a hospital ward, and I’m convinced that people on my team don’t feel safe about speaking up. I actually want to hear their feedback, but I realize that not all managers in my organization have the same attitude. We also have high turnover, so it’s hard to change the culture when staff come from other organizations or departments with a weak culture of safety or, even worse, have actually been burned in the past. How can I encourage people to speak

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