ImERSE (Mejorar la experiencia a partir de actividad de Shadowing) – BMJ

ImERSE (Improving Experience through Regular Shadowing Events)


Systematic operational quality improvement strategies within the NHS are hard to find, although there are numerous published reports of sporadic departmental models and methods resulting in improvements in clinical care. We describe the experience of devising a tool to provide large data collection of patient care experiences by using medical students to shadow patient journeys. This combines patient and family centred care (PFCC) and quality improvement approaches to create a systematic organisational strategy for improving care.

The ImERSE (improving experience through regular shadowing events) approach could be applied to any area of health care to generate population specific improvement priorities. It can be used to promote patient and family centred care and provide a unique medical education experience.

We describe its evolution in its first year of use and suggest that using the ImERSE approach delivers beneficial characteristics to patients and their families, those undergoing a shadowing experience, and provider organisations.

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