La satisfacción del paciente en la prescripción médica, una colaborativa – Wiley One Library

Patient satisfaction from two studies of collaborative doctor – pharmacist prescribing in Australia



Pharmacist prescribing has been introduced in several countries and is a possible future role for pharmacy in Australia.


To assess whether patient satisfaction with the pharmacist as a prescriber, and patient experiences in two settings of collaborative doctor-pharmacist prescribing may be barriers to implementation of pharmacist prescribing.


Surveys containing closed questions, and Likert scale responses, were completed in both settings to investigate patient satisfaction after each consultation. A further survey investigating attitudes towards pharmacist prescribing, after multiple consultations, was completed in the sexual health clinic.

Setting and Participants

A surgical pre-admission clinic (PAC) in a tertiary hospital and an outpatient sexual health clinic at a university hospital. Two hundred patients scheduled for elective surgery, and 17 patients diagnosed with HIV infection, respectively, recruited to the pharmacist prescribing arm of two collaborative doctor-pharmacist prescribing studies.

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