Lista de verificación en cirugía, la visión de un paciente – Pt Safety First

The surgical safety checklist

A patient´s perspective.

Zoe’s mum, Nikki, talks about how she found it reassuring to know that thorough checks were being made and repeated at different stages, before, during and after her daughter’s operation.

In January 2009 Zoe (aged four at the time) was diagnosed with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma (PPB), a very rare childhood cancer. The tumour in her chest was enormous, filling the entire chest cavity and measuring around 27 cm wide. By July 2009 following nine rounds of chemotherapy the tumour had shrunk to half its original size and Zoe was referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital to have the tumour removed by the surgical team there, led by Professor Martin Elliott. They removed her right lung and half of her diaphragm, to where the tumour had spread. Post operatively Zoe has undergone further chemotherapy and radiotherapy to ensure she is clear of cancer and doctors are pleased with her progress.

Zoe’s operation went well, and her mum says “despite understandably getting a little puffed out sometimes Zoe is able to do all of the things her friends can.”

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