Manual Facilitador de Prácticas en Atención Primaria – AHRQ

This handbook is designed to be used by a trainer as a resource when preparing new facilitators to work with primary care practices. A new facilitator may use it directly as a resource for self-study. The use and sequence of the modules should be tailored to learners’ needs. Not all facilitators will benefit from all modules.

The training materials follow principles of adult education: Individuals learn best when the educational process is interactive and when the existing expertise and experience of the learner is recognized and used as a resource in the training. The trainer is encouraged to incorporate the activities suggested in each module into their trainings as well as others they may have used in the past. Whenever possible, the trainer is encouraged to invite experienced practice facilitators from each group to co-teach specific modules and to include discussion of their “real world” experiences in the practice.

The training sessions should be tailored to meet the needs of the learner and the facilitation program that is sponsoring the training. The modules may be delivered as an intensive workshop of multiple hours or days, or in a series, such as weekly forums. The materials are designed primarily for onsite delivery to a group of learners but can be adapted for delivery through virtual conferencing. To deliver virtually, the trainer will need to modify the interactive elements of each module to fit the virtual environment.

Training a group of learners allows for interactive learning methods such as group discussions and role plays. The modules can, however, be adapted for individualized self-study. In these cases, the learner may complete the professional development plan contained in Module 1 and craft a learning agenda tailored to this plan. Interactive sections that require group participation can be eliminated or modified. For example, the learner may record responses to discussion questions in a journal.

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