Mejorando la vida de otros: tener un sentido compartido de justicia y comprensión de dónde nuestra contribución tendrá el mayor impacto – The Health Fnd

Improving the lives of others: having a shared sense of justice and understanding where our contribution will have the greatest impact

A form of intellectual tinnitus was how Richard Taunt described the first day of the Salzburg Global Seminar session Hooked on health care. And we’re still not wearing ear (or mind?) protectors! Day two started with a focus on the role of public authorities, the question was posed as to why health should be a preeminent concern of public authorities. Why do we talk about ‘health in all policies’ when we don’t talk about ‘education in all policies’ or ‘technology in all policies’? And, if this is a reasonable expectation, what would make it a reality?  First the argument was made that health is the ‘canary in the system’. Health status tells those tasked with governing our societies whether all is well. Low employment, low educational status, an unsafe and polluted environment all lead to poorer health. And the list goes on. So, the extent to which public authorities are succeeding in what they do is arguably best judged by looking at the health of those living in their communities.

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