Porqué las HC electrónicas no pueden acercarse más a los smartphones? – ModernHealthcare

Why can’t our EHRs be more like smartphones?

With decades of work and billions of dollars of public and private investment, electronic health records have become ubiquitous. Yet providers and patients are extremely frustrated with what they perceive as the deleterious effects of the EHR on patient care and provider satisfaction.

Patients are now accustomed to physicians spending half the visit staring at the computer screen and muttering under their breath as they click away. Providers are frustrated that they are functioning as data entry clerks and spending more time with the computer than their patients. This is an issue that must be addressed by vendors, healthcare systems, providers, patients, government and entrepreneurs alike. How do we make electronic health records user-friendly, so they meet the needs of both patients and providers, and lead to improved quality and safety at lower cost?

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