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Boston, MA, July 15, 2015–The National Patient Safety Foundation today released an Executive Summary of the 2015 Leadership Day program held April 29 in advance of the NPSF Patient Safety Congress entitled Shining a Light: Safer Health Care Through Transparency.

This program evolved in part from a report of the same name released by the NPSF Lucian Leape Institute earlier this year. The report defines transparency as “the free flow of information that is open to the scrutiny of others,” and makes the case for greater transparency across four domains of health care:

  • Between clinicians and patients (for example, by disclosure after medical error)
  • Among clinicians (for example, peer review and other mechanisms to share information within a health care delivery organization)
  • Between health care organizations (for example, through regional or national collaboratives)
  • Between clinicians/organizations and the public (through public reporting of quality measures)

The goal of the Leadership day Pre-Congress program was to examine the importance of transparency as it relates to improving patient safety. The faculty addressed the premise that greater transparency throughout the health care system will lead to improved outcomes, fewer errors, more satisfied patients, and lower costs. The session also touched upon how transparency can support accountability, stimulate improvements in quality and safety, promote trust and ethical behavior, and facilitate patient choice.

The program was organized into the following areas of discussion:

  1. Transparency with Patients and Families
  2. Transparency Across Organizations and Between Providers
  3. Case Studies: The Pros and Cons of Public Transparency
  4. Transparency in a National System: Lessons from the National Health Service, England

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