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Preventing Errors with Children’s Medicines
Part 3: Over-the-Counter Medicines

This newsletter is the third in a series that provides suggestions to help prevent errors with children’s medicines. The first newsletter in the series gave tips on things to do and questions to ask when a medicine is prescribed and dispensed for your child Part 1 – At the Doctor’s Office and Pharmacy). The second newsletter in the series gave information about steps you can take to reduce the chances of a mistake happening when your child is receiving medicine at home or away from home (Part 2 – At Home and Away from Home ). This newsletter provides some additional tips to prevent errors when selecting and/or giving over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to children.

OTC medicines are drugs that can be purchased without a prescription. These medicines are usually intended to relieve mild symptoms and are typically used for just a short time. A parent or caregiver may make a mistake when selecting an OTC product in a pharmacy or another store where this type of medicine can be purchased (such as a grocery store). Mistakes can also happen when OTC medicines are being given at home or away from home (for example, at school, camp or a day care). Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help prevent a mistake with an OTC medicine from harming your child.

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