Programa de Infecciones asociadas a la Salud – AHRQ

AHRQ’s Healthcare-Associated Infections Program

AHRQ plays a significant role in the national effort to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are among the leading threats to patient safety, affecting one out of every 25 hospital patients at any one time. Over a million HAIs occur across the U.S. health care system every year, leading to the loss of tens of thousands of lives and adding billions of dollars to health care costs. Fortunately, most HAIs are preventable.

AHRQ’s HAI Program supports projects to advance the science of HAI prevention, develop more effective approaches for reducing HAIs, and help clinicians apply proven methods to prevent HAIs on the front lines of care. The projects funded by AHRQ’s HAI Program accelerate the implementation of evidence-based methods to reduce HAIs in acute care hospitals and in ambulatory and long-term care settings, in accordance with the framework established by the Department of Health and Human Services’ National Action Plan to Prevent Health Care-Associated Infections: Road Map to Elimination.

The AHRQ HAl Program supports a robust portfolio of grants and contracts directed toward research on reducing HAIs and wide-scale implementation of proven methods to prevent these dangerous infections. AHRQ’s projects focus on the applied end of the research continuum. These research projects generate evidence for developing and demonstrating effective interventions to reduce HAIs. The results of this research advance the ability of clinicians in the field to combat HAIs.

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