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The Proqualis, created in 2009, turns to the production and dissemination of information and technology in quality and patient safety. Is linked to ICICT / Fiocruz and has funding from the Ministry of Health, through the attention of the Secretariat of Health. It aims to be a permanent source of information and updates for health professionals through the dissemination of technical and scientific content selected from relevance, quality and timeliness. To fulfill its core mission to contribute to the improvement of health practices the Collaborating Centre has this portal –  – employing modern information technology.

In addition to identifying, selecting and disseminating multiple sources of content, more recently Proqualis has developed own content as lectures, interviews, videos, reviews, news and more. The set of this production is available in open access, the portal, and also posted on social networks like Facebook (Network group Proqualis – Quality of Care and Patient Safety) and Slideshare (Proqualis profile), and YouTube (Proqualis channel).

In Patient Safety area, the portal is organized into major themes that express the issues most relevant to patient care can be provided safely: hand hygiene, safe surgery, safe use of medications, adverse events, ID patient, prevention of pressure ulcers, prevention of infection associated with venous catheters, preventing falls and prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia. These last five themes are presented through the portal of Brazilian Experiences pages that contain specific initiatives for implementation of safe practices in health care. These pages are designed in an editorial working with the Albert Einstein Hospital, in partnership with hospitals of excellence in hospital management, where disclosed initiatives have been successfully implemented.

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