Reducing Harm in Perioperative Care – NHS

All over the world, including in the UK, health care workers are proving that patient safety can be greatly improved and many complications or harm events that were previously considered unavoidable actually are avoidable. They are in fact redefining what is acceptable in terms of patient safety. The purpose of each of the Patient Safety First interventions is to provide you with a focus on which to begin or progress improvements in patient safety in your organisation. Each proposed intervention has an underpinning evidence base that identifies the need for change and how its elements can help you on a journey that will make a real impact on rates of patient harm and death. The proposed elements, suggested changes and associated measures discussed in this document are not exhaustive; rather, a basis on which to start making a difference in the given area. It also provides a sound methodical approach that can be applied repeatedly in other improvement efforts you may wish to initiate. The content of this ‘How to’ guide will never be considered to be final. Regular reviews will be conducted to update it with new evidence, initiatives and key learning from organisations participating in the Patient Safety First campaign. Your suggestions for improvement and case studies are welcomed; please share your learning with your local campaign contact or contact us direct via the Patient Safety.

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