Reestructuración de flujo de pacientes utilizando Six-Sigma lleva a una mejor adherencia y menos infecciones – AHRQ

Six-Sigma Inspired Workflow Redesign Leads to Better Adherence to Evidence-Based Protocols and Fewer Infections for Surgery Patients



To reduce surgical site infections, Decatur Memorial Hospital used Six-Sigma techniques to review and standardize workflow processes for surgical patients throughout their hospital stay. These revised processes included the development of tools (e.g., checklists), redundant steps, and task assignment to designated staff, all with a focus on ensuring adherence to evidence-based protocols for the use of prophylactic antibiotics for surgical patients and the maintenance of normal body temperature (“normothermia”) before, during, and after surgery. The program has led to a reduction in surgical site infections, due in large part to a significant increase in adherence to protocols related to the timing of the initiation and discontinuation of antibiotics.

Evidence Rating

Moderate: The evidence consists of pre- and post-implementation comparisons of surgical site infections and adherence to protocols related to the initiation and discontinuation of antibiotics for surgery patients.

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