Reparando la causa raíz del burnout médico – Kevin MD

Fix the root cause of physician burnout. Not just the symptoms.

When I hung up my white coat for the last time and left the practice of medicine, the term, “physician burnout” was unfamiliar. It wasn’t until I stumbled across research studies many years later, in my work as a freelance writer, that I finally understood the underlying reasons that I needed to walk away. Today, you can’t read about health care without seeing the term. Does the widespread use of the phrase reflect heightened awareness or a growing problem among doctors?

A recent study from the Mayo Clinic and the American Medical Association (AMA) begins to answer this question. The three-year study of almost 7,000 physicians found that last year 54 percent of physicians surveyed had at least one symptom of burnout, up from 45 percent just three years before. In the meantime, burnout among people working in other professions remained the same.


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