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Pilot Testing Patient Reporting of Safety Events from the Patient and Family Perspective

To make health care safer, we have to know when harm happens. If information about a patient safety event is incomplete or doesn’t exist, providers can’t make the necessary changes to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  Clinicians are an important source of reports about harm that occurs in health care—or safety events—when they happen.  But that’s just one perspective. It’s also important to capture and understand safety events from the perspective of the patient and family.

Health care is a complex endeavor. On the road to getting better, a patient may encounter several physicians, nurses, technicians, or other caregivers and could travel through various hospital units and care settings. The patient is the single common factor throughout all these transitions and episodes of care. This makes the perspective of the patient (or family member/caregiver) invaluable to understanding what happened when harm occurs.  Patients and their families often see important aspects of care, including problems that may go unnoticed by others.

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