Service quality – Concepts and models

Ghobadian, Abby; Speller, Simon; Jones, Matthew. The International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management 11. 9 (1994): 43.

Abstract (summary) The service sector has gained in economic importance over the past decade. Statistics show that the sector accounts for 60% of the value added in the European Community. Despite such significance and the importance of quality-related matters to the sector, there is little research dealing with service quality. The salient features of service quality include: 1. inseparability of production and consumption, 2. intangibility of service, 3. perishability of services, and 4. heterogeneity of services. Some determinants of service quality are: 1. reliability, 2. responsiveness, 3. customization, 4. credibility, 5. competence, 6. access, 7. courtesy, 8. security, 9. communication, 10, tangibles, such as appearance of personnel and condition of equipment, and 11. understanding the customer. Six conceptual models of service quality models are discussed. A quality model should enable the management to: 1. identify sources of quality, 2. discover the quality problems, 3. pin point the causes of the observed quality problem, and 4. offer possible courses of action.

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