Traspaso de pacientes: algunas ideas

Regardless of what specialty you practice, what setting you’re in, where in the UK you work all doctors routinely perform handovers.

How do you handover?  How were you taught?  And what’s influenced your practice?

Handover is the single most important duty that a junior doctor will routinely perform. It will directly affect the care your patient receives when you are not present to provide it; not there to implement the decisions you and your team had already planned.

Think back to your time at medical school, whether you were taught the didactic way, the integrated way or the PBL way, how much focus was really put on handover? How many opportunities were you given to practise your handover?

A succinct and clearly communicated handover will ensure your patient receives tailored care on time – the same care out of hours as they would have had in hours.

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