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Application of research to quality improvement with Helen Crisp

Date:  20 October 2015

Presenter:  Helen Crisp, Assistant Director of Research, The Health Foundation, London UK

Track 4: Education and Research

About the Webinar

Research is vital for quality improvement in health care to:
• improve effectiveness of implementation; improvement programmes need to be based on evaluated methods, based on explicit theories about how and why the intervention is expected to work.
• boost the likelihood of achieving desired results, improvement interventions need to be focus on well-defined issues, using research evidence about that issue to know what has been tried in the past to tackle it, what had good results and just as important, what has been shown to be ineffective.
• help build the evidence base to promote spread of successful approaches; improvers must provide detailed write-ups of their work to include a full description of the intervention, the context where it was used, the methods used and the results that were obtained.

The Health Foundation is working with leading researchers and improvement practitioners to better understand what goes on inside the ‘black box’ of improvement programmes, through a deeper understanding of the importance of context, the underpinning theories behind improvement approaches and the most effective approaches to evaluation of complex improvement interventions in health care, so that knowledge of theories, effective methods and implementation strategies can be widely shared.

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