Webmeeting: Data for Systematic Improvement – NQF

NQF is convening individuals from across stakeholder groups and experts to advance the discussion on data needed in healthcare to inform and support systematic improvement in care. This work will consider challenges and barriers that limit data availability for widespread and large-scale improvement and system transformation efforts, as well as best practices to overcome them. It will also identify the data and data infrastructure necessary for spreading successful models for improving healthcare, especially where lack of data inhibits spread. This project aims to spread lessons broadly learned about the use of data for systematic improvement, spur action across stakeholders, and identify an action agenda for moving the field forward.


This project was supported by contributions from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact Megan Duevel Anderson at 202-783-1300 or email DataSystemsImprovement@qualityforum.org.

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